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Mini ACCIT 2023

Agile Coach Camp Italy ACCIT


Mini Edition @ Connexxo Italia Academy

Agile Coach Camp Italy / Mini-ACCIT 2023

Thursday April 27, 2023 / 09:00 - 18:00
Friday April 28, 2023 / 09:00 - 17:00

Connexxo Italia Academy
Via Giosuè Carducci 125
Scala A, secondo piano
20099 Milano (Sesto San Giovanni) MI / Italy
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Ticket Price: 50,00 €
* participation fee in the Open Space
* coffee station with snacks and drinks

Only 40 seats available.
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Hello all, welcome to 2023!

After our on-line only Agile Coach Camp last year it’s high time to meet again in person for some in-depth knowledge sharing, learning, exploring and networking!

Finding a suitable hotel for the camp is hard these days - the ones that survived the pandemic often have limited availabilities. We are currently in touch with a couple of them for organising ACCIT 2023 in the fall and of course will keep you updated. Please, if you know a suitable hotel, let us know!

To shorten the waiting time, we decided to organise a Mini-ACCIT 2023, a two-day Open Space event happening in the premises of the Connexxo Italia Academy in Sesto San Giovanni, on April 27-28, 2023.

What does “Mini” mean? Well, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 40, and lunch and hotel will need to be self-organised. The event is non-profit, the fee of 50 Euros for two days covers expenses for the Open Space facilitation materials and for equipping our coffee stations with snacks and drinks.

The Open Space will be facilitated by Connexxo coach Bruna Pietracci.

We are looking forward to welcoming you there - please use our online form for registration.

See you soon!

your ACCIT organisers