Code of Conduct

ACCIT Code of Conduct

ACCIT (Agile Coach Camp Italy) is a non-profit, community organised event. It’s an un-conference focussed on learning and knowledge sharing for everyone involved in coaching, training, mentoring, and helping organisations become more effective. As a participant, you agree with and will adhere to this code of conduct.

We want to create a respectful, safe and inclusive environment for all our guests, speakers, helpers, staff and everyone else who is part of the event. The community does not tolerate harassing or disrespectful behaviour, interactions, messages, or images. We encourage everyone to help in creating and maintaining a welcoming and safe environment by watching out for each other and showing no tolerance for any disruptive activity.

As a source for more detail, please have a look at the Agile Alliance Code of Conduct.

We trust that you will be there for each other throughout the event. If you need additional help or if you need to report an incident please feel free to contact one of the organisers who will do their utmost to immediately take care of your concern.